Mzuri Pro-Til tills only thin strips of soil, applies fertilisers over the whole strip, places seeds in it, at a set and constant depth, providing the ideal environment for quick germination, plant growth and high, perfect quality yields.

The Mzuri Pro-Til technology consists in tilling only thin strips, in which seeds are sown and then plants grow, and later post-harvest residue from the first harvest is left in the untilled inter-rows. This retains moisture and limits organic matter losses, which has a positive impact on the soil’s structure and fertility. Multiple passes of machines for ploughed or ploughless farming lead to soil degradation, excessive compaction, quick mineralisation of organic matter and have a destructive impact on biological life in the soil. Strong compaction interferes with the air-water equilibrium, cutting off easily accessible oxygen and nutrients from the roots of cultivated plants. Mzuri Pro-Til has been designed to assure tillage, fertilisation and sowing in one pass directly over a stubble field. The tilling teeth and wheels for compacting loosened soil are staggered over two rows, which allows even large volumes of post-harvest trash to be moved between them. Thanks to a hydraulic system the tilling teeth and coulters of each sections exercise a uniform pressure on the soil. This assures an equal tilling and sowing depth, as well as excellent contact between the seeds and soil. Seed dosing is handled by electric motors with speed control and gears driving seed rollers. Choosing the appropriate roller allows virtually any type of seeds to be sown. Steering is easy and control precise. It’s enough to push an electric button, weigh the collected seeds and enter the amount in the computer’s control panel. The RDS Artemis computer provides control over sowing during work and has all the functions necessary for controlling and monitoring the fertilisation and seeding process.



The key characteristics of Pro-Til:
• hydraulically protected tilling teeth,
• variable sowing amount,
• single and two row coulters,
• hydraulic-powered fan,
• seed flow sensor,
• hydraulic drive marker,
• hydraulically controlled following harrow,
• semi-pneumatic seed packer,
• RDS Artemis management computer,
• independently moveable coulters with hydraulic protection, combined with a depth wheel.


MZURI PRO-TIL SELECT – one for all.

Mzuri Pro-Til Select makes it possible to change row distances and the width of the inter-row space at the touch of a button, by switching on and off every second section.

Mzuri Pro-Til Select allows sowing in wide-spaced rows for plants such as maize or oilseed rape. Wide spacing provides plants with very good access to sunlight, reduces competition between them and eliminates the problem of plant residue collecting between the machine’s working parts. With all sections it’s possible to prepare rows for sowing cereals, oilseed rape, legumes, phacelia and others.

The key characteristics of Mzuri Pro-Til Select:
• fast and easy row distance changes,
• hydraulically protected tilling teeth and seeding coulters,
• variable sowing amount,
• single and two row coulters,
• RDS Artemis touch-based management computer,
• hydraulic-powered fan,
• seed flow control,
• hydraulic drive marker,
• hydraulically controlled following harrow,
• semi-pneumatic seed packer,
• independently moveable coulters with controlled compacting wheel (thin and wide).





Rezult is a soil cultivation device. It facilitates handling of straw and post-harvest debris and greatly improves preparation of the soil bed.

It’s also the ideal tool for managing weeds and slug activity. Rezult accelerates the decomposition of straw and other post-harvest debris. The machine has five rows of movable teeth and an optional set of front discs. The discs cut the straw and post-harvest residue, and mix it with the top layer of soil, while the teeth distribute everything homogeneously over the machine’s entire working area, preparing the field for sowing. Rezult’s HEAVY DUTY teeth are 70 cm long and practically indestructible. They are harder than normal harrow teeth, strongly vibrate during work, which increases the effect of crumbling and fragmentation of plant debris that remains on top of the soil. The front discs not only cut and thrash post-harvest debris, but are also perfectly suited to mixing organic fertilisers or plant protection substances.

Key aspects of Rezult:
• independent, spring-mounted front discs
• hydraulically-controlled rake angle
• hydraulically folded working elements with an automatic transport safety block
• spring-loaded tooth protection – practically indestructible
• five rows of teeth, which assure high efficiency in working with post-harvest debris in the top layer of soil.





Rehab is a specially designed sub-soiler with low soil surface disturbance. It increases the amount of available oxygen and nutrients, especially in deeper layers, which enables faster growth of roots and entire plants.

Teeth with replaceable points assure a strong, deep loosening of the soil.
Front disks cut deep into the soil, limiting damage while assuring good water penetration and retention, but leave plant debris on the field surface. This limits water evaporation from the soil and immobilizes nitrogen. This way the soil is well aerated, quickly warms up in the summer, but retains moisture.

• Front cutting disks for plant residue on the surface of the soil mounted on arms that assure controlled pressure. Each disk arm has hydraulic protection
that allows it to follow an uneven field,
• Hydraulically protected tilling teeth sections with 2-part working elements: a tooth and replaceable wings (different options).
• Hydraulically-controlled compacting section that consists of wheels with mounted tires. It closes the gap in the soil after the subsoiler section, limiting the risk of soil dessication.



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